MGB Services, Inc.

Speech/Language Therapy

MGB offers speech therapy services through our SLP, Eileen Pearlman. Speech services are provided in the natural setting of your home or in the clinic. For more information contact Eileen at


Family and Individual Therapy

Counseling services for families, siblings, and individuals.  MGB also offers counseling services for ADHD, ODD, ASD, Anxiety, OCD, and Developmental Disorders.


Special leisure/recreation consultation

Interested in placing your child in a park district or recreational summer program, but concerned about how they will be integrated? MGB offers consultation and assistance to program staff in structuring and facilitating a program to make it a positive fun experience for your child.


Other Services offered

IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) assistance and note taking by experienced MGB team members.


Sibshops in cooperative with Building Great Beginnings, NFP

Peer support group for siblings of individuals with special needs.


For additional information or questions regarding any of our services call Eileen at 847-533-6224 or e-mail us at



MGB Services is offering the following programs and services:


Home Programs

MGB offers home programs for academic, social, and behavioral concerns.


Social Skills Groups

Looking for an opportunity to have your child interact with peers and utilize social skills? MGB social skills groups focus on perspective taking, regulating emotions and understanding social situations. For more information contact Sheena at


Buddy/Peer Play Social Skills Program

This program is designed for children ages 3-10. The focus is on play skills for everyday games and activities. This social skill program is taught in the natural environment of your home by a trained MGB team member.


Middle School Social Skills Program

This program was created for children nearing or entering middle school. Preteens may have attained many skills through various therapies and programs, but still find it challenging to have a successful outing in the community. The program focuses on teaching social skills needed in the community by a trained MGB team social skills facilitator. An MGB social skills facilitator will apply the skills taught in different community outings. We understand that for many families simple outing such as dinner out or a trip to the library can become a very stressful unsuccessful experience. We want to help families change how they view their outings and experiences.